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Among the great names in lingerie design Lingerie Box is proud to carry European lingerie from one of the most popular under wear designers of high quality, exclusive lingerie; New Rosme. Over the years company has won many awards and received international recognition for their achievements in quality.  The brand is modern, yet innovative in feature, cut and lines.  New Rosme is one of the premier corsetry providers in the Baltic States.

The New Rosme company begin creating their designs since 1952.  They started out with corsetry sewing in Riga. In 1963, the company became enmeshed with Riga Clothing ingredients, but in 1991, they regained their independence.  This year, they became incorporated with the Swedish company Swegmark, whose line is  lingerie design and sewing. The Cooperation stood firm and two years later became the New Rosme Swegmark Invest Holding AB ingredient, and now then New Rosme is the sole owner.

By comparison, there is hardly a lingerie company that produces such exquisite and exclusive lingerie as New Rosme.  A team of highly skilled and innovative European designers are constantly at work to make this Lavinia lingerie stay at the head of the market.  Their collection of curve accentuating, intricately pattern corsetry, panties and bras take you to a fantasy realm of delight!  Not only do these luxury creations look wonderful, but they also feel wonderful.  

New Rosme as newly obtained the lingerie producing company Linette which was established in 1940. Linette exports its production to Latvia, Russia, the United States, France, Scandinavia and Great Britain.  This  new acquisition will allow New Rosme to expand its export by shipping products to Sweden, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Austria and, of course, to the Baltic States.

Every company that intends to maintain excellence in achievement knows that investing in the state-of-the-art machinery make it possible to produce hundred thousands of garments every month.  The New Rosme commands the expertise of over 590 specialists equipped with the skills and knowledge of modern technology to make swift production possible for this Lavinia lingerie.

Rosme lingerie floral chemise with robeRosme lingerie red bra and panty set with black lace trimRosme lingerie nude bra with black lace overlayRosme lingerie ivory bra and panty set
New Rosme collections are known for their modern design and performance. Their collection includes: fashion Collection, classical, nightwear, swimwear, seamless, sport, mothers, Correction, Dandy and Basic.  

Colors come in, blue, white, black, red, yellow, pink, violet, brown, gray and orange
The Company produces four main lines: classic ROSME underwear, nighttime ROSME nightware, ROSME SWIMwear and vivacious and youthful Chik-Are-No.
Look at New Rosme's collection online to find what suits you best.

The line includes a section for men as well and also alluring and exotic designs in swimwear.  Every piece is specifically tailored with precision and authenticity.  Bold floral motifs, fluid geometric prints and peacock rainbow designs provide a vivid background against solid colors.

New Rosme production flow allows them to produce hundreds of thousands of kits monthly basis and this number is growing. They produce a new collection every season; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  New Rosme designs more and more new collections to keep up with the competition.

Bra sizes range from 30A to 52H.  Panties run by waist size.

Each design detail is carefully constructed to ensure adherence with the silhouette of fashion trends and exude comfort. Through rigorous product quality control and choosing high quality basic material suppliers, their products have meet exclusive international standards. The company has often been awarded exhibitions of beautiful and high-quality products. New Rosme has been internationally lauded for their exquisite designs and their above average standard in maintaining excellence in quality manufacturing of European lingerie.

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I love the items but would prefer to get a lingerie set (nightgown) vs bra and panty set.

Pleased but confused

For my first box, I am very happy with the set that I received. The fit and quality are wonderful! I'm just a little bit confused- I was under the impression that I'd be able to leave feedback about what I received for the stylist when preparing my next box, but I'm not sure where to do that? I received an invitation to review my items on the website, which I'd be happy to do, but is that part of this system?

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Amanda Jones

Monthly Lingerie Box

Monthly Lingerie Box
Gina Pisanelli

The first box was pretty and elegant and worth the money. The robe in the second box was not very sexy and didn’t seem worth the money or wait.

Loved jt

Best box yet