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Nikol Djumon Coffee Evelen Soft Cup BraFrom the illustrious city of Liepaja on the coast of the Baltic Sea hails an exclusive lingerie company that is taking the fashion scene by storm. Nikol Djumon is a lingerie designer featured on Lingerie Box that creates fashionable, high quality lingerie in intricate patterns and designs.

Madame Dumont, the matriarch of this fashion line, started out as a European fabric supplier to Latvian lingerie producers for thirty years until it was decided that a fashion burst in the form of a European lingerie company should be introduced in 2004. That was when Nikol Djumon first began.

The brands swiftly gained popularity over seas selling to exclusive lingerie boutiques all over the world and catering to over 30 countries including France, Germany, Russia, The United Arab Emirates and Australia to name a few.

Every woman wants to wear beautiful, fashionable panties and bras that not only fit well and are made to last, but also are created to make them feel that they are made just for them and them alone. Each piece of exclusive lingerie is only found at high-end boutiques. Women can feel confident that the Nikol Djumon brand offers the best undergarments for women of all shapes and sizes.

Nikol Fjumon White bra & panty setNikol Djumon Sapphire evelen demi cup bra with matching pantiesNikol Djumon Fashion LingerieNikol Djumon denim color bra & panty set with orange lace trim

The Nikol Djumon line is produced solely in the ancient city of Liepaja; an exotic tourist destination known for its perfectly moderate climate and sea-side with white sand. The company of 50 employees turn out works of art in the form of panties, brassieres and swimsuits no fashionable woman can resist. This lingerie comes in wide ranges of over 27 designs and patterns. Some of the collections are Chanel, Chantal, Rochelle and Taisa. Each set has a unique design of its own, mirroring the expertise and creativity of the brand. The lingerie comes in basic nude colors, black and, for the adventurist, an imaginative array of colors which bring peacocks and bird of paradise to mind.

Not only will you find the basic line of panties and bras from this lingerie designer, but you will be enchanted by their corset and fabulous, high-waist girdle panty and bra set with the exotic embroidery and lace design in sensuous colors. The corsetry is crafted from the bra itself and can also be mimicked in the construction of the panty. They are the epitome of modern elegance.

Nikol Djumon presents their collections based on trends for each season. The collections come out twice a year; Fall and Winter, Spring and Summer. Each line is exclusive in itself and never repeated.

Sizes are made with every type of female shape in mind. They cater to a wide variety of sizes ranging from 32A to 42H.

This European lingerie gives you the perfect fit you want. The products are machine made and partially hand crafted to ensure every piece is handled with precision and care. None of Nikol Djumon's lingerie is made from regular fabrics. All panties and bras are made from a blend of embossed lace, embroidery and smooth microfiber fabrics such as sensitive imago.

Feminine appeal and luxury are what is in store for every women who indulges in Nikol Djumons lingerie creations. The line was made to make any women feel that she is special, pampered and lovely. This lingerie design found exclusively at Lingerie box is made available world wide, bringing art and beauty to the wearer. From one season to the next, customers can enjoy wearing a Nikol Djumon design personally tailored for them. Curvy, full figured woman can feel luxurious knowing that their foundation garments are not only durable but adorable.

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Cute, but 3 months was enough

I signed up for the 3-month box in order to replenish my intimates and trial the company. I received 3 boxes, 2 of them were the same push-up bra and matching thong in different colors. I also received 1 lovely, short and laced night gown. I am satisfied with the items I received, adequate quality and timely shipping. However, I will not be continuing my subscription as there wasn't much variety in the products. I would recommend this 3-month box to those looking for basics, further, I enjoyed knowing something was coming in the mail that I didn't have to spend the time shopping for.

Love it!

It's the most comfortable set Ive ever gotten. Definitely thinking about getting another box at some point.

Very Happy

The lingerie that was selected for my wife based on the information that we entered for her lingerie box was excellent. It would not have been what my wife would have picked for herself, and yet it looked great on her, she liked it, and it was very comfortable for her. Very happy with the selection and can’t wait to see what we get next month!

Super cute and flattering

I love the color and fit of my first items. Very happy.

High quality sleepwear and bras, excellent personal shopping

I have used Lingerie Box for about five boxes now over ten months, and I have had a wonderful experience. Recently, I received a sleepwear dress that is incredibly soft and pretty. The fit is perfect and flattering. I plan to continue using their service, and I love that my underwear drawer is becoming full of pretty sets for every day and special occasions.