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Montelle Intimates bra and panty set with garter beltMontelle Intimates is one of Lingerie Box's most prestigious designers for women's lingerie. The company boasts in making select luxurious women’s pieces. Each bra and panty is designed with experience and never compromises on style. Montelle is the ultimate bra and panty maker.

Many women with large bust spend years looking for lovely and quality bras that fit and perform to their expectation - but to no avail. The majority of department stores do have bras for women with large cups, but the material they are made of and the styles they present leaves a desire for a product of a better quality. Montelle's high end lingerie caters for the petite and plus size woman. Each creation gives a woman a sense of aesthetic balance while its colors and styles stay fresh and modern regardless of the season or the year. Montelle is the lingerie designer that huge-busted women have been longing for!

As a leading lingerie designer in Canada, Montelle Intimates has been creating exotic, high end lingerie for women since 1994. Their basic pieces are outstanding in elegance and style. Most of their collections spin-off from basic foundations. For more than 20 years, Montelle has been dedicated to making fashionable, yet comfortable lingerie for their loyal clients.

As with most exclusive designer pieces, Montelle Intimates designs are only available in high end boutiques. Montelle Intimates has an international presence with stores in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. Its production company is located in the Philippines so that manufacturing adheres to strict company and societal standards. The whole process is professionally monitored to maintain the highest possible standard of production.

Montelle Intimates red bra and panty setMontelle Intimates Red chemiseMontelle Intimates navy bra and panty setMontelle Intimates red bra and panty set

The Essentials brands, Prodigy and Pure Plus are the popular collection available all year round. They consist of a set of bra and panty - also available as separate pieces. The designs range from soothing and pleasant, to exotic and breathtaking. The boy shorts underwear never rides up as the waistband is modified to suit your waistline to perfection. Pure Plus is a series of full coverage bras created for women with bigger busts to give a smooth and seamless coverage. The Tales of Desire Keyhole Balconette Bra and T-shirt bra are brassieres contrasting in taste and function, racy lace, or sleek simplicity - the names tells it all!

Montelle keeps the pace with seasonal creations. Auramist and Midnight Mist are part of the seasonal collections which are displayed during Spring and Fall. These collections are introduced annually to give customers the latest styles and colors. The range of colors is black, white, nude, and pearl cream while the Fall/Winter palette comprises of blue, evening blush, chestnut, and wine. The new lace convertible bra is the ideal backdrop for garter belts. Peek-a-boo sheer babydoll and bias cut chemises are unique members of the boudoir selection.

The range of sizes of Montelle Intimates is one of the reasons why Montelle Intimates stands out from the rest. The bras’ sizes range from 32A to 42G. Most large stores only stock up to DD, but Montelle sets the standards high with their no-nonsense attitude toward consumer comfort and product availability. As an exclusive designer, they produce sizes which are not normally found in chain lingerie shops.

Montelle's creations comprise of bras with molded cups and intimates made of lace fabric. You won't find any product made from latex or nickel as the company focuses on textiles that befit customers with sensitive skin. Chosen are only the finest sheer meshes that make the outside and soft laces that make the interior - all made from superior fabrics. Montelle selects only the best for their clients.

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