Customers of the Lingerie Box product appreciate that we only select the finest lingerie designers to feature on our website. The latest addition provides a refreshing sense of style, which deviates from the norm, with a designer whose platform is entirely dedicated to high end lingerie for women.

Mira Lingerie is an exclusive Portuguese lingerie designer specializing in lingerie and sleepwear. Their products are diverse in appearance and range from flirty girly wears to practical and comfortable products. Even the pickiest customer will find something that is both fashionable and full of comfort.

The Mira high end lingerie brand traces its origin to 1979, catering to consumers ever since. Over the years they gained popularity due to innovative creations in high end lingerie and the high quality of their products for women of style. The Mira brand can truly boast of its superiority when it comes to ingenuity and practicality.

The Mira’s ‘Diplomat’ brand is distributed internationally and clients from various parts of the world can access them directly through the finest lingerie stores throughout the world. Prospective buyers can’t be disappointed as Mira provides myriads of unique women’s lingerie to choose from.

The fact that all products are manufactured solely in Portugal is perhaps the best-kept secret of Mira Lingerie. Extreme care and quality is accorded to every piece manufactured by each of the 200 employees. These workers are the central nerve of the company, having transformed it into what it is today.

Mira is a lingerie designer that is widely known for their exquisite creativity in sleepwear, nightwear, chemises, robes and pajamas for women. The moment you review their line, you will experience the refinement and care put into their designs. The casual wear is fashioned in vivid summer colors with the sleepwear made from delicate pastels and fabrics with floral and fashionable lace motifs. Mira Lingerie designs them with delicate paisley, pastel florals, bold prints with solid trims and white background florals. The two piece long camisole with matching shorts is a specialty item made for sleepwear as well as casual wear.

Mira Charcol chemise and robe with light purple lace trimMira White Lace Chemise from back

Each season, Mira creates a set of products tailored for a particular climate and fashion trend. Some collections include the Vintage Chemise, the Classic Chemise, the Cupcake and the Floral Camisole. Individual camisole and nightgowns define the character and personality of its wearer. There is something for everyone regardless of the diversity in taste or style. The prime focus on sleepwear is not lost in this company.

Customers who wish to purchase any of the Mira Lingerie creations should browse there collection on our website. All Mira Lingerie is made from the finest raw European materials. The products consist of an assortment of knits and woven textiles. These fabrics come from far and wide within Europe and are chosen with care to ensure an excellent end result for clients. Succinctly, fabrics are selected to suit the individual taste of many anticipated customers who seek the Mira brand!

The Mira Lingerie collection is distributed to markets worldwide and is a well-established brand. Women can find lingerie that is comfortable and affordable and that comes in a range of prints, patterns and styles.

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I love the items but would prefer to get a lingerie set (nightgown) vs bra and panty set.

Pleased but confused

For my first box, I am very happy with the set that I received. The fit and quality are wonderful! I'm just a little bit confused- I was under the impression that I'd be able to leave feedback about what I received for the stylist when preparing my next box, but I'm not sure where to do that? I received an invitation to review my items on the website, which I'd be happy to do, but is that part of this system?

Monthly Lingerie Box
Amanda Jones

Monthly Lingerie Box

Monthly Lingerie Box
Gina Pisanelli

The first box was pretty and elegant and worth the money. The robe in the second box was not very sexy and didn’t seem worth the money or wait.

Loved jt

Best box yet