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Kris Line Black Brilliant Soft Cup BraLingerie Box is proud to carry Kris Line; the creator of some of the most fashionable and intriguing polish lingerie and casual wear for women of all shapes and sizes. Kris line expands to include Nursing lingerie; a collection for expectant mothers. This polish lingerie has begun a feminine fashion innovation in Poland that expanded out of Europe straight into the United States. Her talent and skills in crafting some of the most affordable and comfortable lingerie in Europe has made her a noted designer.

The genesis of Kris Line was in 1992.

Products - maternity wear, lingerie, swimwear and sports wear by Kris Line.

The line originated in Poland, Europe and is exported to Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States.



A constant line consisting of a basic collection and two seasonal collections.

Received the coveted Gazelle of Business 2005 and Quality of the Year 2010 awards from Chapter of the Project for dynamic designs in the lingerie field.

An international market covering The United States, Great Britain, Russia and three countries in Europe.



Kris line bras offer a wide range of sizes and styles for swimwear and lingerie cups, which are available in A to O catering to full figured women. The company's platform is being the creative genius for sculpting the perfect designer bras which conform to the wearers shape like second skin. The cups are particularly designed for comfort and support with thermal crafted and correctional cut cups to give the illusion of the perfect shape. Each designer bra is made with the comfort and build of the wearer in mind, while creating a wearable piece of beauty. Kris Line has made bra fitting a work of art!

Besides foundation garments and swimwear, Kris Line has broadened its scope to include Homewear and Nursing Lingerie. Casual home wear includes dresses, two piece tops and shirt with shorts or pants, tunics, crop tops and negligees. The nursing bras are made with the comfort of the mother in mind. The fabric is soft to the touch and the cups are made detachable - and padded with recycled cotton - making feeding time for baby a pleasure.

Kris Line Sapphire Manuelle Bra Kris Line Stella Spacer Bra Kris Line Ivory Ivy Pajama set


The new additions to the Letizia collection for the summer season is sportswear - leggings, blouses and sports bras.



The Kris Line bras are very limited. They carry Soft and supple designer bras made from lace and lycra in black, nude and flesh tones make up the basic line for Kris Line. The panties and bras are produced to give support as well as beauty with little details that add the final touch in elegance. These foundations garments come in the classical two pieces consisting of bra and panty or a one piece bra fusing into an exotic little slip dress.

The majority of the polish lingerie is made for woman of all shapes and sizes. Custom made bras can be made for plus size and curvy women. Fabrics for lingerie consist of a blend of Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester and lace.

Woman of every height and size will feel comfortable knowing their needs will be met. Kris Line produces sexy European lingerie ranging from every day to luxurious and exotic. Basic lingerie and swim wear are available with the option of special fittings for custom made lingerie and swim wear. Kris Line is dedicated to serving their customers - and their country - by anticipating the needs of woman and being aware of their responsibility to their environment. In choosing the best fabrics and materials for their products, while also being aware of the effects of production on the ecosystem, they are dedicated to protecting nature.

Kris Line bras has quintessentially converted the ideology of 'beauty in a bra' throughout the region of Poland that has expanded world wide.

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Very classy

Love the color and quality of this look.

So pleased with this box!

I was so pleased with my first Lingerie Box shipment that I upgraded my subscription from every two months to every month. The set I received is so pretty and fits perfectly! The design isn’t something I would have picked for myself and I love that it pushed me out of my comfort zone of getting the same styles over and over again. I can’t wait to be surprised with what comes next month!

Give it a Chance

After throwing away three old bras that were too small and even more old panties, I decided it was time to get a lingerie subscription, and I’m happy that I gave it a chance. I have received two orders so far and I’m very pleased with everything overall. It ships out really quickly and I can’t wait to see what I’ve gotten!
I picked a favorite color (so it’s customizable) and get beautiful pieces that have been picked out for me in all shades of that color. The quality of the lingerie has been really high (no tearing and material is lovely) and everything fits very well. The first time I received a bra and thong set and the second time I received a bodysuit/thong and garter set that also came with stockings which I thought was a nice touch-it’s a complete outfit, nothing left out. This was my first monthly subscription box ever and I’m excited to see what they have picked for me next time. I haven’t gotten a box that I didn’t like!


I was skeptical at first but I decided to try and it and I am SO happy! I've had trouble finding lingerie that I like to wear for my girlfriend so I wanted some help and I am really happy that I put it into the hands of Lingerie Box. Thank you guys, I'm super excited for the next one!

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