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Knock Out Charcol Lacy ThongThe founder of Knock Out underwear - Angela Newman - shares the story of her knock out panties by stating that pretty panties are not necessarily performance panties. This developer of No Trace Technology introduced a line of lacy panties that Lingerie Box found were looking fancy, but packed a mean punch!

Sexy panties are rarely the kind the hold up to odor and moisture. Angela Newman's perception of this fact resulted in the birth of knock out panties in 2009. With a wealth of skill and knowledge as a former textiles consultant and combined with the talent and style appreciated by sporty women on the go, this sponsor of the 2012 National Race to End Women's Cancer soared to the top of the board amonst lingerie designers with her unique breathable underwear.

Knock Out's panties are one of the few lacy panties made to meet the demands of women on the go. The technology behind these panties are the odor-eliminating chemicals built into the No Trace fabric which lasts for 40 washes. Teamed with the luxurious Supima cotton which is thin, dye free and 0 breathable cotton, these materials are what make Knock Out panties the ultimate in comfortable, beautiful 'performance' underwear.

All Knock Out panties are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and distributed throughout Canada and the United States. This unique product has spurred 'panty parties' hosted by Newman who uses the light atmosphere to inspire her friends to try her product. Demonstrations of how the panty holds up to moisture are displayed by her sales representative Jim Mitchell. As a result, Newman expects that her revenues will triple that of last year.

Newman is one of those lingerie designers who rolls out the red carpet when opportunity knocks. Not content with the mediocrity of a standard invention she branched out to create a whole line of Smart Panties along with nighties and shape wear. The Knock Out collection consists of six styles all made with No Trace fabric. The most popular style in the series is the lacy boy shorts. This style is available in a variety of colors and made with the same fabric to resist odor and moisture all day. The product is durable as well as comfortable and is made with woman from puberty to menopause in mind.

Knock Out briefs in peach colorKnock Out panties lace

The Knock Out line is a continuously manufactured brand featured year round. This year Ms. Newman launched a line for men consisting of briefs and undershirts and included night wear for women as well. Once the technology of why this underwear was so effective really took off, Ms. Newman was able to license her No Trace technology to another apparel designer.

Customers have 13 size options ranging from extra small to 3X. Woman of all sizes can walk in comfort, confidence and style with these Smart Panties. These consist of stretch laces, thin leg elastic that eliminate panty lines and soft, light fabric for comfort and ease of movement.

Angela Newman isn't just a lingerie designer, she is a modern woman who took the bold step to create a necessity for women of all walks of life. Knock Out panties allow women to go from the office, to the gym and then enjoy a night out on the town while feeling confident and secure about the functionality of their underwear the whole time. Newman's team of designers give women their best by constantly reinventing the Knock Out product making it the success it is today. Whether your preference is briefs, boy shorts or sleep wear, you will love Ms. Newman's line.

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Thanks. My wife looks amazing in it. 🤙🏼

Very classy

Love the color and quality of this look.

So pleased with this box!

I was so pleased with my first Lingerie Box shipment that I upgraded my subscription from every two months to every month. The set I received is so pretty and fits perfectly! The design isn’t something I would have picked for myself and I love that it pushed me out of my comfort zone of getting the same styles over and over again. I can’t wait to be surprised with what comes next month!

Give it a Chance

After throwing away three old bras that were too small and even more old panties, I decided it was time to get a lingerie subscription, and I’m happy that I gave it a chance. I have received two orders so far and I’m very pleased with everything overall. It ships out really quickly and I can’t wait to see what I’ve gotten!
I picked a favorite color (so it’s customizable) and get beautiful pieces that have been picked out for me in all shades of that color. The quality of the lingerie has been really high (no tearing and material is lovely) and everything fits very well. The first time I received a bra and thong set and the second time I received a bodysuit/thong and garter set that also came with stockings which I thought was a nice touch-it’s a complete outfit, nothing left out. This was my first monthly subscription box ever and I’m excited to see what they have picked for me next time. I haven’t gotten a box that I didn’t like!


I was skeptical at first but I decided to try and it and I am SO happy! I've had trouble finding lingerie that I like to wear for my girlfriend so I wanted some help and I am really happy that I put it into the hands of Lingerie Box. Thank you guys, I'm super excited for the next one!