Are you looking for a good sports bra? Meet Pauline!

I was trying to hold it together ladies. There’s a time to bounce, like when you’re at a party that has gone south, but bouncing while trying to get the moves down during the latest Virtual Reality fitness craze is just nonsense. I knew what I had in my dresser of Texas hold ‘em down sports bras, but I had to ask my girlfriends what they had that worked. The research came to one conclusion- the same statement over and over again “ I do what I can- but it is in no way epic”.

I knew there had to be something out there that didn’t press and flatten, or make us to layer two sports bras for extra security. I felt a bit of pressure because my girlfriends look to me for the lift, support and quality solutions, and at the moment, I didn’t have any. Why didn’t I have a solution? I mean, I’ve been in the lingerie world for over 12 years and I thrive on those moments when a discouraged woman can’t find the right fit and I get to solve her dilemma and bring a sign of relief to her pained face. But here I was, feeling the same. “Something has to be done,” I uttered to myself; and so the journey began.

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Monthly Lingerie Box
Joanne Radoff

Monthly Lingerie Box

Exchange Box
Jessica Peterson
So beautiful!

Thank you again for another beautiful selection!!

Monthly Lingerie Box
Anna Latimer

I loved my first item in the lingerie box! Can't wait to get my second one!!

Lingerie Box - 1 Month Prepaid
Matthew Van Groningen
Great piece

The lingerie that was sent was exactly what we were looking for and it did not disappoint

Monthly Lingerie Box
Kaylin Demuth

Monthly Lingerie Box