Addiction lingerie is a pioneer in women's lingerie for making the most beautiful, comfortable bras ever. Lingerie box has included this exclusive lingerie brand to their illustrious group of distinguished designers.Addiction Lingerie robe

The modern women is constantly on the go, but being busy doesn't mean you shouldn't take time to find the right shape wear to enhance the look of your clothes. Addiction lingerie anticipates the needs and desires of all women who want to look gorgeous and feel pampered at the same time, that is why they have created this brand of exclusive lingerie for women who want it all!

For 30 years Addiction lingerie has meet the needs of thousands of women who have longed for comfortable, beautiful lingerie. Back in the day, a good bra was a bra that made a woman look like she was ready for a boxing match. Through out the decades there have been women who - present company included - have practically searched the globe for a bra that not only fit beautifully, but one that made you look and feel like a women and not like you were wearing a piece of artillery equipment arming you for battle.

Blue Addiction Lingerie chemiseWhen you create a line of women's lingerie that is so comfortable, so sensuous and suits every curve of your body, the smart thing to do is to share it with others. Addiction lingerie can be found in the U.S. and Canada and is swiftly taking hold of the lingerie market.

Every women wants comfort and support as well as style and haute couture in lingerie. Addiction lingerie knows this! That is why they cater to a woman's needs by offering lingerie that not only performs all day when you need it to, but also accentuates the beauty of a woman's natural shape.

Every garment is Made in the USA.

The Basic line comes in a collection of four selections:





Taupe Addiction Lingerie Short sleeve pajama setFrom these four stem sophisticated and luxurious creations with names like Tentation, Bardot and Tuilerie. These feature padded bras, lovely, half cut decolletage revealing lacy pieces that come in an array of colors such as Navy, Nude, Purple, White, Black, Blush, Taupe, Teal, NightBlue, Gold, Navy, Beige, Ivory, Pink and Grey. Addictions bras and panties stand out with a distinction and elegance you will hardly find in other lingerie. Their bras come with underwire, strapless designs and convertible designs in a variety of colors to choose from. Panties are lace or smooth and are made in the boy shorts style, thong or regular cut. Nightwear is also available in an assortment of styles. Lounge wear is now a part of the Addiction collection and is perfect for weekend down time.

Addiction Lingerie is launching a new and exciting line of nouvelle lingerie that enhances the body and enchants the eyes. The line adds to a woman's figure by providing more coverage, style and elegance. Nouvelle lingerie is less expensive, but superior in taste and refinement.

Addiction has a wide range of sizes from 30A to 40G in bras. Every woman can find a comfortable fit with extra small to extra large panty sizes.

Delicate laces, nylon, spandex, microfiber and lycra are what Addiction's lingerie consist of. Peek-a-boo cuts, enchanting mesh and delicate, transparent fabrics make these intimates a work of art. These fabrics are what give your clothing such a smooth fit. You clothing will glide on with ease, you will wear their bras and panties with comfort. You can view their assortment of styles and colors online along with their exciting new additions to the collection.

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16 reviews

The manager I emailed with about my exchange was very helpful and prompt. I am very happy.

Great first shipment

I hate shopping for undergarments, so I was very excited to try this the first shipment wasn't something I would have picked out myself, but it fits great and looks good too. It has quickly become one of my favorites.

I'm excited

I'm not the best at choosing my lingerie. It tends to be too tight or too loose. I was pleasantly surprised to get a set that fitted me perfectly, especially considering this was not an on-site fitting. I love the design, and the bra is comfortable.
I am looking forward to my next surprise.

First Box Success

I was so surprised at the quality of my first box. So pretty and fits perfectly. Can’t wait to get my next box!

Loved the Panties. The bra is pretty but not quite my style with the pink flowers