Lingerie Box Designer of the Month: Kris Line

 Lingerie Box is thrilled to present Kris Line as the website’s inaugural Designer of the Month. Since it burst onto the scene in 1992, Kris Line has been among the fastest growing small clothing designers in Europe. This extraordinary line originated in Poland and makes lingerie, maternity wear, swimwear, and sportswear that is exported to Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, and the United States.

Kris Line bras offer a large array of sizes and styles for swimwear and lingerie in cup sizes A to O, thus accommodating full-figured women. The company's foundation is sculpting perfect designer bras which conform to a woman’s shape like second skin.

So much more than just Pretty Bras: The Kris Line bras the pillar of their line are very limited. They carry a basic line of soft and pliant designer bras made from the finest lace and lycra in black, nude, and flesh tones.

Kris Line has expanded its range to include home wear and nursing lingerie. Informal home wear includes dresses, two piece tops and shirts with shorts or pants, tunics, crop tops, and beautiful negligees.

Among Kris Line’s most popular sellers in their online lingerie boutique are: Nude Stella Semi Soft Bra, Black Fortuna Soft Cup Bra, Black Fortuna Babydoll, and the Black Fortuna Robe. If they are not part of your collection already, they should most certainly be.

Here on our Kris Line Designer of the Month page, you will be able to preview the newest releases from Kris Line which are sure to leave you mesmerized in anticipation.

Women of all heights and sizes will feel content knowing their desires will be met. Kris Line manufactures extraordinary European lingerie ranging from every day to lavish and mysterious. Basic lingerie and swimwear are available as are special fittings for custom-made lingerie and swimwear

Kris Line is committed to serving their customers by anticipating the needs of woman and being conscious of their concern for their environment.