Finding the Perfect Fitting Bra Online

General 24 October 2016

Shopping for a bra should not be a nightmare.

A big percentage of women admit that they hate buying bras. More often, we ladies wear the wrong size bra. Why? It is because getting a perfect fitting bra in today’s world, particularly through online shopping has become a frustrating task.

How then do you get bras that also provide a proper fit?

There is no sense in having pretty bras if they don’t perfectly fit you. Just as there is no multipurpose dress; there is no universal bra. It's about having a number of bras of the right sizes for every occasion, whether formal, sport, everyday wear, or sexy bras to match a beautiful dress, etc.

Getting the perfect bra measurement

From the breadth of designer bras, sports bras, fashion bras, etc. available to the customers, how do you pick you right size? There are a few critical metrics to getting a size that accutrately fits you.

Cup Size and Underband Size

The cup size is the most popular metric when it comes to buying bras. Getting your exact size can be a tricky affair as women’s breasts are of different sizes and shapes.

To streamline the bra selection process, getting a precise measurement from a professional is the best option

However, you could do bra measurements yourself with a standard measuring tape using these easy steps;

  • Set the tape across your back

  • Stretch the tape across the fullest part of your bust

  • Loosely measure your size.

To get the equivalent of your measurement on the standardized alphabet scale (A to H), you have to measure the underband size as well. These are the steps;

  • Place the tape across the bottom of your band

  • Measure the underside of your breasts, across your ribcage from back to the front.

To convert your measurements to a particular size, subtract the band measurement from the bust size. You can then convert the result to its alphabetic equivalent. 1 equals A, three equals C, and so on.

Size alone does not guarantee fitness. When picking a bra, the way it fits you is far more important than the metrics.

Properly fitted cups should ultimately hold your entire breast tissue. Your breasts should not be spilling out of the bra. In such situations, you should pick one that is a size smaller.

Bras should also fit tightly against your body without gaping.

On the underband side, the band should sit comfortably against your rib cage. You may have to go down a size if the breast tissue is spilling over the underband, is revealed underneath, or the band is riding up your back.

After successfully navigating the size problem, you face the equally important decision of picking the right bra, in the correct size, and that is fit for a particular occasion

Picking the Right Bra

Similarly, just as there is no multipurpose dress, there is no universal bra. The best case scenario is having a number of sexy bras for every occasion, whether formal, sport, everyday wear, etc. in a style and size that not only looks beautiful, but fits perfectly as well.

The following are some considerations when shopping for a bra:


Bras come in variety of types including; Bralette, Demi-Cup, Front Closure, Full Coverage, Minimizer, Push-Up, Sport, Strapless, Sport, and Wireless which are some of the most popular bra types.

A good bra should easily accentuate your figure and create a beautiful silhouette.


Standard bra cup fabric fibers are cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, and spandex. Bra fabrics are customarily tricot, raschel or even jersey knit.

Though the used material is an important factor, they can be a primary decider when making a selection. Some materials can be irritating on your skin. Therefore, it pays to take time in selecting fabric that feels comfortable to your skin. A suitable material should not be itchy, uncomfortable, etc. Breathable materials are increasingly becoming a popular choice due to their comfort for most body types.


There are many mainstream brand bras found in large retail shops, however, designer bras often found in specialty lingerie boutiques are becoming quite popular for sophisticated shoppers looking for more than just pretty bras.

Designer bras have become quite popular as they offer a large variety, not only in sizes, but also in quality.

When buying designer bras, their name can be quite valuable. Stylists carry a variety of sizes and fabrics for their bras.

Some lingerie designers are known specifically for their bras. Such designers often carry larger sizes needed by huge-sized women that are not found in mass produced brands. These designers such as Kris Line carry the largest size range of bras; with sizes as large as size H. Nikol Djumon also carries large sizes and high quality high end bras

Size Conversions

Many high-end lingerie shops carry bras from designers in the UK, Europe, etc., so, you got to be aware of different measurement units used in each country. You will want to find a conversion chart on their site, or may want to contact the shop’s customer service for assistance to ensure the most accurate conversion.

Bra Shopping Online: Best Practices

There are a few technicalities when shopping for bras online. To enjoy a pleasant experience, you should follow the following best practices;

  1. Be Practical: While pattern and color choices are a great perk, functionality trumps them all. Aim for bras that fit, are quite comfortable, and do not reveal themselves under your clothing.

  2. Shop Smart: Always use stores that model their bras on a human as opposed to using bustform. A view of the bra on an actual human body coupled with extensive style information better acquaints you with how the bra could look and feel in reality.

  3. Customer Service: Make sure when buying bras online, the site has customer service that can respond and help in real-time via phone, chat, social media, etc., not just by email. Bra fitting is an art, not exactly a science - Women's bodies are all different, and that is why a cookie-cutter measuring system isn't going to deliver the best results for you.

  4. Return Policy: To quell any size and fit anxiety, use a store that offers a free return policy. Having this perk will make the bra selection process a lot easier and interesting.

There may be situations when you have to overhaul your entire bra collection. Hence, it is important to note that this guide should be referred to quite often.

This guide’s sole intention is to help you find your perfect bra!!!